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Post Production in Process


Post Production/ Color Grading

Magic doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Our editing team are truly magicians. They see the end product from a pile of raw footage and know, every time, where things can be enhanced with coloring, sound design and special effects. Once we feel confident your video is ready, we bring you in for a live editing session or send you the video file for review. We will work with you until you’re over-the-moon with your end product and can’t wait to share it with your viewers.


With our master editors and cutting-edge tools, we add the finishing touches to your film. We account for a wide variety of elements including color correction, graphics packages, sound engineering, animation, voiceovers, and more, ensuring your final content is nothing short of stunning.  

we offering cinematic color correction services for videos and films with full-fledged infrastructure and varied industry experience.


Color Grading

Our Color Grading is not just supervised vs unsupervised. We get involved early and work with the director and cinematographer to find the soul of the project. We love having the DP around during sessions and we are an open book when it comes to our workflow. Come and feel truly at home!


We create digital magic. Whether you need Studio Quality 3D Animation, 2D Animation, Live Video, Motion Graphics or some combination of these techniques to motivate, excite, convince, compel or captivate your audience, Art line Production can bring your story to life and magic to your message


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