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Broken Wing

Short film: A young girl struggles with dissociative identity disorder and journey of pain, love. humanity and reality of mental illness.


Short film: A girl falls in love with an imaginary boyfriend.  


Short film: Narrative based on life after death.

Now and Never

Short film: Uncertainty surrounding love.

Me and Myself

Short Film: The stark loneliness of a guy surrounded with friends on social media, but nobody to celebrate his birthday with. 


Short experimental film:. Based on today's political backdrop where the people who get power forget the people who gave them that power.

Missing Title

Short film: Based on a true story of a Paktoon guy in Pakistan, who was arrested by authorities without any proof. Tortured and eventually found innocent, the guy is left is mental scarred for life.

Haad Bandi

Short Film: Based on an inter-religion couple who love each deeply, but rejected by their communities, are sentenced to death. 

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